Promote Staycations with Gift Cards

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

It’s no secret—travel patterns have shifted at home and internationally. The general desire to roam around has not disappeared for most, but there are still ways to go until Canadians venture off worldwide. The demand for local activities will remain strong throughout the summer, as progressive vaccine rollouts and the easing of restrictions continue well into the fall. Good news is, there are tons of fun things to do at home! Not only can you guide your supporters into filling their schedules with various activities, but you can also invigorate your fundraising efforts at the same time. Take advantage of vacation season to touch base with your people and recommend they use gift cards to cover their costs.

Backyard/Living Room Camping

No need to travel far to camp the good ol’ fashion way! Pitch a tent just about anywhere, indulge in some smores, and cozy up with your loved ones. Whether you need gear or fun treats, these gift cards will cover all the bases!




Canadian Tire


Home Hardware

Day Trips to Local Outdoor Spaces

Rich with green outdoor spaces, parks and waterways, there’s tons to explore in Canada. Hop on a bike or a paddle board, discover local flora and fauna, or start a walking or hiking group. No matter the chosen nature activity or sport, you’ll be set with these gift cards!

Running Room

Golf Town


Sport Chek

Bass Pro Shops

Foot Locker

Urban Discovery Days

Whether in a small community or a major city, why not play tourist in your own town! Plan a fun rally or a treasure hunt, learn about local history and launch a photography contest. Just grab your note pads, cameras, comfy shoes and go! And of course, don’t forget hats, sunscreen, and water bottles! With these gift cards, everyone will be equipped for the ultimate explorer activity!


Best Buy

Giant Tiger




Outdoor Movie Nights

As the warm weather rolls in, why not enjoy flicks and flavours in the backyard or your local park! Toss some blankets and cushions around, project a popular film and fill a table with snacks and refreshments. You can even rent movies from your favourite cinemas and stream them! Make this a weekly or monthly affair to spend time with friends and family under the stars! No matter how you choose to organize these evenings, the following gift cards will simplify things.

The Source

Best Buy



Uber Eats

Kernels Popcorn

Local Getaways and Experiences

If you’re not crazy about staying home, you could travel but do so locally. Relax in luxurious hotels and spas, hire personal chefs, take part in thrilling adventures, or hit premium golf courses. No matter what you need to reinvigorate your spirits, these gift cards are great choices!


Ôrigine artisan hôteliers

Fairmont Hotel & Resorts

Best Western

With so many retailers to choose, don’t delay! Touch base with your group and supporters to start planning fun staycations. To maximize your fundraising efforts, remember to contact folks through all communication channels like telephone/text, email, and social media. Happy planning!