Thursday, January 16, 2020

Retain Your Supporters After the Holiday Giving Season

As you may have noticed during the recent holiday rush, it’s pretty easy to get your supporters excited about gift card fundraising during the giving season, since everyone loves giving and receiving gift cards during that time of the year. But how do you keep that fundraising momentum going after the holidays are over?

Here are a few ways to keep your supporters motivated in this New Year:

Keep Track of Your Supporter Retention

It’s hard to excel in something if you don’t measure how well you’re performing to begin with. That’s why keeping track of which supporters have stopped ordering is so important. If you are a group administrator, to find out how your supporters are doing, you can simply login to your Group Administration Site and view the Donations Report (and group by supporter).

Target Those Who Have Shown the Most Interest

You only have so much time to spend on encouraging supporters, so make sure you’re being smart with your time. Target those supporters who have already shown interest in your fundraising campaign and invest a little more time with them, since they already are most engaged with your campaign.

Structure Your Fundraising Campaign So Everyone Benefits

You’ll be more successful at attracting supporters to your fundraising campaign if those supporters stand to benefit from the campaign. For instance, if a school group is raising funds to pay for each participant’s travel fees, then it’s much easier to convince those students and the parents to participate, since they will directly benefit from it.

Communicate How the Funds Will Be Spent

Of course, not every fundraiser can share the funds raised with every supporter. Sometimes the fundraising goal is something like repairing a roof or purchasing some new equipment. If this is the case for your fundraiser, at least make sure that you communicate how those funds will be spent to your supporters.

Meet in Person With Your Group

Meeting in person is a great way to build a solid team spirit and to have some fun together, but it is also a great way to get people to participate in your fundraising campaign. Let the natural competitiveness of people take hold or encourage it by highlighting those who have done the most during the campaign.

There are so many ways to make sure to keep the team spirit with your group’s supporters during your fundraising campaigns, even after the holiday season!