Rev Up Donations: Unleashing the Power of Fuel Discount Cards

Vector image of one hand holding a fuel savings card and the other holding a gas pump.

Are you looking for a new way to boost your fundraising efforts? Look no further than Esso™ and Mobil™ Price Privileges fuel discount cards! These cards offer a unique opportunity to maximize donations for your cause. In this article, we'll explore what fuel discount cards are, how to use them and how to unleash their full fundraising potential.

What are Fuel Discount Cards?

Fuel discount cards provide users with savings in cents-per-litre when they fill up their vehicles at one of over 2,000 participating Esso™ and Mobil™ stations across Canada.

How do Fuel Discount Cards Work?

These cards can be gifted as tokens of appreciation to help recipients save each time they fuel up their vehicle. They simply need to swipe their card at the pump or present it in-store before using their regular form of payment. They can then view the value of their fuel savings from a purchase, as well as their remaining card balance in cents per litre, by checking their receipt after each transaction. Cardholders can use one Price Privileges fuel discount card per transaction.

How Fuel Discount Cards Can Turbocharge Your Fundraiser

Fuel discount cards offer higher donation percentages than any other FundScrip card; up to 20% with the purchase of each card! To maximize your fundraising potential, combine a fuel discount card with an Esso™ or Mobil™ gas gift card for an additional 2% donation. The key to maximizing donations is determining the right card order frequency. Consider ordering cards on a regular basis, such as monthly or weekly, to keep the savings and donations rolling in.

Fuel discount cards are a powerful tool for fundraising success. By understanding how they work and maximizing their potential, you can rev up your donations and reach your fundraising goals at highway speeds. So why wait? Integrate fuel discount cards into your FundScrip campaigns today and accelerate your fundraising success!