Royal City Cooperative Preschool Raises over $5,000 with Fundscrip

Royal City Cooperative Preschool is Guelph’s first established cooperative preschool and has won the 2017 Platinum Award for Guelph's Best Nursery School. Royal City Cooperative Preschool is dedicated to the individual needs of each child and has a long history of providing a play-based learning environment for preschoolers.

Royal City Cooperative Preschool has raised $5,172 and here's what Miranda Vandenberg, group administrator, has to say about her experience using FundScrip:

Royal City Cooperative Preschool is a wonderful little school that provides a safe and nurturing place for young children to learn and grow. As a non-profit organization, Royal City Preschool relies on its fundraisers to help cover expenses. FundScrip has been an easy choice for our school for several years now. Its website is very user-friendly, and customer service always helpful. And the work involved to run this kind of fundraiser is really quite minimal. Having our campaigns run before the holiday season to maximize gift cards purchases for not only everyday use, but holiday gifts and holiday shopping, is the key to our FundScrip success.