Sainte-Croix/Heriot Foundation Raises $19,216 with Fundscrip for Les Grands défis pour la vie

Les Grands défis pour la vie, located in Quebec, have raised $19,216.60. Their goal is to raise funds for the Sainte-Croix/Heriot Foundation by climbing four mountains on four continents.

The group administrator, Chareyne Lupien, describes her experience with her FundScrip fundraising campaign :

Since 2013, as part of Les Grands défis pour la vie Lemire Précision, the Sainte-Croix/Heriot Foundation organizes mountain treks to raise funds for the Sainte-Croix Hospital, located in Drummondville. Three challenges have already been achieved on three continents: the ascent of Kilimandjaro in 2013, the grand tour of Mont Blanc in 2015 and a trek in the mountains of Nepal in 2017.
Currently, around forty people are preparing to live the Machu Picchu experience that will take place on a fourth continent in May 2019. Several participants use the FundScrip program to raise funds for the achievement of their challenge, just like participants have done so in the past.
To date, a total of $19,216 has been raised by participants of various challenges through the sale of FundScrip gift cards. The raised funds with FundScrip are allocated to projects improving the health care services of the Drummondville community.
Projects that have been funded by Les Grands défis pour la vie:
  • Fast echo in Intensive Care
  • Physiological monitor dialysis
  • Massive transfusion devices in the operating room
  • Platelet function analyzer in the laboratory
  • Portable Fetal Ultrasound System at the Family-Child Center
  • Projects that will receive funding from Les Grands défis pour la vie in the future:
  • Enhancement of an MRI machine
  • Installation of a radiofluoroscopy room
  • Addition of two overflow beds in the Intensive Care Unit