Superior Children's Centre Raises $7,400 with FundScrip

Superior Children's Centre is a nonprofit child care organization providing a multitude of services managed by volunteer board members. Their programs are offered with the commitment to offer quality that parents demand and deserve.

The group has raised $7,400 and here's their experience using FundScrip:

As a not-for-profit, charity organization, Superior Children’s Centre fundraises for materials and supplies that assist in providing our indoor and outdoor learning environments the necessary resources to ensure the safety and inclusion of all children. We purchase items that encourage exploration, engagement and expression. We also support individual and group learning experiences and provide opportunity for our children to enhance their skill set through play.
FundScrip is an excellent resource for us and we have had a positive experience all around.
The key to our success with FundScrip is the close partnerships we have developed with organizations in our small community. We are grateful for the support that we continue to receive.