The Vie de Parents Blog Features FundScrip

Father and baby son reading a book

The Quebec based website Vie de Parents is a blog that tries to help parents to answer various questions on a thousand and one subjects related to parenthood, education, health problems, social environment, but also daily life.

The mission of Vie de Parents is to inform and inspire families in Quebec to help them make fair and informed choices in their everyday lives.

From articles on becoming a parent, and pregnancy, and for the to posts about the life of the children in their early years, they have so many resources to help you navigate parenthood.

FundScrip Featured on the Vie De Parents’ Blog

They have featured the FundScrip gift card fundraising program on their website (French Only) . Since the mission of FundScrip is also, among other things, to help parents who have children that need to raise funds for school or extra-curricular activities, it was a great partnership collaboration for both Vie de Parents and FundScrip as well.

What the blog post is all about

Vie de Parents is showing parents how to FundScrip can be used as both a fundraising and budgeting tool. We’ve also covered this idea, you may have seen in the past our article on how to prepare your budget with gift cards.

Here’s an quote from the article:

"En sachant le montant de vos dépenses hebdomadaire ou mensuelles et en utilisant le programme FundScrip pour acheter des cartes-cadeaux, il est plus facile de suivre et de respecter votre budget tout en amassant des fonds pour payer les frais d’activités de votre enfant."

We hope that it will make the life of the Vie de Parents Blog’s easier by learning about our fundraising method!