Essential Gift Cards for This Summer

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Already, this summer is proving to be vibrant; people are excited to get back to regular activities. As such, it’s a great time to incite supporters to use gift cards to purchase just about everything in their day-to-day, to start a group, or to finance your own initiatives.

Summer Camps

Several municipalities, sports academies, art schools, non-for-profits and religious establishments across Canada have reinitiated summer camps this year. As such, kids of all ages need essentials of all sorts, as do coordinators. If your own group runs a camp, use your budget to purchase gift cards, then pay for the items you’d require anyway. It’ll cause a circular effect and boost your campaign efforts in a simple and effective manner! Educate your supporters to do the same and you’ll create a dynamic summer fundraiser. Win-win!


July Promotion

Toys'R Us




Scholar's Choice

Sports and Nature Outings

Nothing says summer like time spent in the great Canadian outdoors. Since international travel is still paused, many people are investing in gear to practice sports and nature activities locally. Remind your supporters to purchase these gifts cards from your group before buying big-ticket items such as stand-up paddle boards, kayaks, hiking and camping gear, sports equipment, etc. If your group orchestrates such outings, do the same. In doing so, your campaign will benefit tremendously, and everyone will be happy!

Canadian Tire


Sport Chek


Golf Town

Backyard BBQs and Pool Parties

Across the nation, people are thrilled to finally connect with loved ones in outdoor settings. BBQs, picnics in the park, pool parties and birthday celebrations are in full swing. Delicious eats, decorations, backyard equipment and functional kitchenware are among hot items this season. Ride that wave to stimulate your fundraiser thanks to these gift cards!

Giant Tiger


M&M Food Market

Home Hardware

Home Depot



A classic summer activity, camping is ALL the hype this summer. Since most Canadians are staying in the country, there’s never been a more popular time to pitch a tent and roast some marshmallows under a starry sky! People who hadn’t considered this option in the past are now discovering how fun it is. Since many must buy essential gear, fill their tanks with gas and pack coolers with a ton of food, incite your supporters and fellow group members to use gift cards for all their purchases.

Bass Pro Shop



Canadian Tire


No Frills

Road Trips

Eager to get out and discover what’s out there, Canadians are hitting the road with excitement this year. From renting cottages, AirBnb’s and hotel rooms, to enjoying all sorts of experiences, people want to have fun! Most will stop to eat along the way or pack their vehicles full of groceries. Since many haven’t used their typical travel budgets in the past year and a half, they’re happy to spoil themselves. Take advantage of that and encourage your supporters to pay for everything with these gift cards!


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The Ultimate Dining Card

Tim Hortons

Best Western

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts


Ready, set, go! Get in touch with your supporters and get going. Not sure how? Check these tips to maximise your fundraising efforts. Don’t have a group yet? Start one now in a few simple steps. As always, our team is here to help.