Why Gift Cards Are Popular for the Holidays

Multiple Christmas shopping bags

Gift cards are projected to be among the most popular gifts this 2020 holiday season. Gift cards have always been a Christmas gift favourite, since there are so many benefits to giving and receiving them! In this blog post we wanted to share with you some of the reasons we think gift cards are so popular.

The Choice of Gift Card *Is* the Personalization

Despite the gift card haters of the world, gift cards are a fantastic gift that can be personalized. The personalization is all in the choice of retailer, and you can easily choose from a retailer based on the tastes of the person you are gifting it to. There are gift cards from almost every retailer nowadays, so it is very easy to find one that will match the preferences of your loved ones.

What about your sister that loves to follow D.I.Y. YouTubers and try new makeup styles? She might love a Sephora’s gift card! Your father-in-law that spends most of his time in the garage? He will surely be glad to receive a Canadian Tire gift card. Your little cousin that is still in primary school? Why not spoil her with a Toys R Us gift card! We also have you covered with a Chapters gift card for your the bookworm in your life. And your friend that had a rough year would be very happy with a more general gift card, like a Loblaws or Walmart gift card.

Why Gift Cards Are the Best Gift?

Since gift cards are cash equivalent, recipients can purchase the exact product or item that they want. They’ll be very happy to buy exactly what they need in the exact model that they desire.

Also, recipients can choose the correct size, color and other details of the product themselves. Therefore, you can’t make a mistake by choosing the wrong one!

In case the gift card is not from a retailer that the recipient likes, it is a gift that is easily re-giftable. It rarely happens, but in case it does, it’s a good solution.

Gift Cards Can Be Used at Any Time

Recipients of the gift cards are not obligated to use the card immediately, they can use it later on, like during a sale in order to get better value for their money (and buy more items with the card!).

They can also use it at a time that is more convenient, when they really need it.

Gift Cards Are a Better Option Than Cash

It will never be as personalized as a particular item that you choose for the person, but it is still way more personalized than cash, as you can choose the retailer.

Recipients of the gift cards are more likely to use the card for themselves and have a memorable experience, whereas cash is simply added to the recipient’s regular budget and forgotten about.

Plus, gift cards are a fantastic way to raise funds, that’s why we’re here after all – make hay while the sun shines.