Yo San Ryu Competitive Karate Team Association Raises Over $12,000 with FundScrip

We received a wonderful success story from a parent whose son attends the Yo San Ryu Karate School. The popular martial arts and fitness centre in Joliette, that trains its students for Karate competitions, has raised over $12,000 in just over 2 years using FundScrip.

Read on to find out how they've been so successful using gift cards to raise funds.

For two years now, all the members of the YosanRyu Competition Team Association have been using the FundScrip program to pay for the karate competitions.
The families love this simple system where you make your daily purchases with gift cards.
The key to success with this fundraising program is to plan all your purchases well on a two-week timescale. Knowing what your real consumption is allows you to maximize the amount of funds you can raise per order. Many participants also ask their friends and family to buy gift cards in order to help support the cause. Nobody is embarrased to ask for help, because participation does not entail any supplemental costs as they would with a chocolate fundraiser. These are purchases that are useful and needed.
Everyone shops for groceries and gas, especially when they're travelling across Quebec in their quest for the podium.
In two years, the members have raised $12,000 thanks to the FundScrip fundraising program.

Congratulations to the Yo San Ryu Karate School on your fundraising and martial arts success, and best of luck in the future!