Fundraising Ideas

Take your FundScrip gift card fundraising program to another level by adopting some of the following fundraising ideas.

Set Up a FundScrip Table at Events

If your group participates, or holds events, that's a great place to set up a FundScrip table to speak to supporters about your cause. By having a regular presence at events, you'll be able to attract new supporters and encourage existing supporters to participate.

Depending on how your group's supporters place their gift card orders, you can distribute paper order forms, or you can bring a laptop or tablet to sign up supporters on the spot.

Here are some potential events that might be good candidates for you to set up a FundScrip table at:

Open Houses

Information Sessions

Class Registrations



Awards Nights


Committee Meetings

Pre-Purchase Gift Cards to Sell in Person

Another good fundraising idea is, provided your group meets in person regularly, to pre-purchase some gift cards to sell directly to your supporters. There's nothing like actually participating in the FundScrip program to understand how simple it is to fundraise using gift cards.

Some categories of gift cards that are popular for pre-purchase are:





Home Improvement

Department Store

Display Your Group's Progress

A great way to keep people involved and motivated is to update them on your group's fundraising progress.

Create a fundraising thermometer and display it prominently for your supporters. Make sure to update the thermometer regularly.

Likewise, it helps to recognize those supporters who go above and beyond to help your cause. You might want to reward your best supporters by establishing a contest or raffle. Or at the very least, showcase the top supporters by displaying their names clearly in a place where your supporters will notice them.

Create a Page About FundScrip on Your Website

Does your group have a website? Are your supporters ordering online? If so, create a webpage that promotes your FundScrip program, with a link for people to support your group.

Make it easy for your supporters by adding your invitation code to the link, so it doesn't need to be entered manually.

The format for putting your group's invitation code in the link is:

If your group's supporters order their gift cards via paper order forms, place a link to the order form PDF on the webpage.

Promote Your Fundraiser on Social Media

Most FundScrip supporters have at least one social media account, according to those supporters who responded to our survey. For that reason, taking advantage of social media is important in order to spread the word about your FundScrip program.

Create a Facebook Group or Page

Facebook allows you to create both groups or pages. Choose one to create, depending on your needs, and invite your supporters to join.

Ask Your Friends for Support

Sometimes all you have to do is ask for a little help. Appeal to your friends and contacts on social media to support your group, and have your supporters do the same.