Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Etobicoke Youth Band Members Raise Over $24,000 to Travel Across North America

The Etobicoke Youth Band is a community-based band of over 100 high school students from different schools in the Greater Toronto Area. The band was formed to give music students the opportunity to play a wide repertoire of music, from classic to pop. The band performs locally in the community, as well as performing throughout North America.

Using the FundScrip fundraising program, the Etobicoke Youth Band was able to raise an impressive $24,274.35 to date. What an incredible achievement! Here’s what group administrator Regina Jokel had to say about her experience with the program:

"FundScrip has helped us realize our travelling dreams and dazzle audiences in many North American cities including a performance at Carnegie Hall. Those of us who take advantage of FundScrip, in addition to other cards (e.g., restaurants, clothing stores), always order gasoline and grocery cards. That's really a no-brainer, we all need gas and food. And if we can boost our trip fund at the same time, it really is a win-win situation.
Contrary to what others may do, I never talk to my members in person (other than at the beginning of the school year). I send e-mail messages encouraging them to order, making some suggestions and attaching the current form. At the end of the fundraising period they are asked to come with only one form for all their orders, so I do not know how many people they may have approached. There is never any pressure to raise a particular amount or approach other people. I know how I feel when someone pressures me. The goal is clear, we travel every two years and if one is diligent and proactive, one can finance the whole trip from the donations. It happened more than once, people are aware of it.
As to your customer service, it is absolutely exemplary. I always receive a clear professional answer in a very timely manner. Running the FundScrip for my group is fun and easy."

Quite an inspirational story, and for those of you who are interested, you can find out about the concerts performed by the band, and their upcoming schedule by visiting the concerts page of their website.