Thursday, May 30, 2019

3 Eco-Friendly FundScrip Features You Need to Know About

Are you looking for an alternative to plastic cards that is environmentally friendly? Do you feel a twinge of pain every time you throw away a plastic gift card? Fear not, we have three eco-friendly FundScrip features that everyone should take advantage of.

1. Electronic Gift Cards

FundScrip has electronic gift cards for 78 retailers. Not only are these cards completely digital, so you’re never dealing with a piece of plastic, but the delivery of the cards is also much quicker. Depending on how you pay for them, you can receive your electronic gift cards in as little as 15 minutes. After you purchase an eGift Card, just visit your FundScrip Wallet to find the card and redeem it.

2. Reloadable Gift Cards

The next best thing to electronic cards is reloadable gift cards. FundScrip has reloadable gift cards for 25 retailers. With reloadable gift cards you simply re-use the same plastic card over and over, greatly diminishing the amount of waste. Simply purchase a reloadable gift card that will be sent to you, and then make your reload purchases in the FundScrip Wallet. Many people use the same card for years, just make sure the cashier doesn’t try to take your card at the cash when you’re paying.

3. Cardboard Gift Cards

Reloadable and electronic gift cards are great for the environment, but not every retailer has that capability yet, or you might still want to take advantage of a physical card for gifting purposes – after all it’s more fun to receive something physical. In that case, some retailers are responding to customer demand by offering biodegradable gift cards made from cardboard that can be recycled (and is often made with recycled fibers).

Bonus Tip: Recycle Plastic Cards

Many retailers will recycle plastic gift cards. After you’ve depleted the gift card value, simply leave the card with the cashier at the retailer’s location, and they’ll take care of the rest.

We’re always working to add more reloadable and electronic gift cards to our catalogue in order to help preserve our natural world, and take better care of our environment, one card at the time.