3 Fundraising Ideas for Singing and Musical Groups

Are you part of a singing or music group and looking for fundraising ideas? This blog post is for you!

Musical groups often need to pay for instruments, auditoriums and travel fees. Fundraising might be the solution to help you reduce the costs for all the group’s members. Here are a few fundraising ideas:

Gift Card Fundraising

The first fundraising tip we can give you is to start a FundScrip campaign. You can sell gift cards throughout the year and accumulate big donations at the end of the year if each member participates!

Music or singing show

What better way to get people to donate than by showing them what you’re capable of. You can raise money from the ticket’s sales and have donation boxes in the venue. Plus, this is a good occasion to see friends and family members you haven't seen in a while and have a great night!

Homemade food

If your singing or musical group is in a school or church, you could set up a special breakfast or snack booth once in a while. Your sales will help you pay for your group’s expenses while making everyone feel involved by cooking something delicious!

Need more inspiration? Check out this amazing Success Story from the Etobicoke Youth Band! They were able to raise over $24,000 to travel across North America.