Thursday, November 01, 2018

4 Tips to Use Gift Cards to Save Money & Raise More Funds During the Holidays

Now that Halloween is over, we're all left debating if it's too early to play Christmas music or not. In fact, holiday season is approaching very fast and it's the best time of the year for fundraising groups! Learn how you can boost your donations for your group by using gift cards starting now.

Give Gift Cards or Buy Gifts Using Gift Cards

You might find it a bit early to start thinking about holiday gifts, but don't let it sneak up on you! Start planning your shopping list. Will you be giving gift cards as presents, or will you purchase gifts? Either way, raise donations for your group by getting gift cards through FundScrip. For every purchased gift card, your group will receive a donation.

If you plan on buying gifts, you can simply get gift cards to pay with them. If you're still unsure, you can't go wrong with gift cards - people love receiving them. Also, we have so many retailers on promotion for the holidays for you to raise even more donations!

Combine Gift Cards with Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales

Events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are perfect occasions to do your holiday shopping. You can save money on amazing deals on top of raising donations for your group - save more, earn more! Check out our eGifts list for online shopping. Stay tuned for our Black Friday deals guide coming soon to take advantage of all the great savings.

Take Advantage of Halloween Sales in Advance for Next Year

Now that Halloween is over, you can find amazing deals on Halloween products - costumes, candies, decorations, etc. If you plan your costume and decorations for next year, you will be able to save money!

Buy Your Christmas Party Supplies with Gift Cards

If you're having a Christmas dinner or party this year, you'll definitely want to get gift cards as you could raise a lot of donations. FundScrip has over 240 retailers, in which you can find restaurants and grocery stores for your Christmas dinner and department stores for your Christmas decorations and supplies.