5 Churches That Raised Funds with Grocery Gift Cards

FundScrip loves helping groups from all over Canada meet their fundraising goals. With our program, many of them end up as success stories. Today, we're featuring 5 churches who were part of our success stories and who raised funds by buying mostly grocery gift cards.

1. Port Nelson United Church

Port Nelson United Church has been raising money for their food voucher program, which started in 2009. The program gives a $25 President's Choice gift card every month to their participants, who live with food insecurity. Within a year and a half, they had raised over $4,000 and today, they have over $6,000 raised.

Port Nelson United Church Success Story

2. Glenview Presbyterian Church

Glenview Presbyterian Church has been raising donations with FundScrip for 6 years now, mostly by purchasing grocery cards. The grocery cards are used to purchase food for their "Out of the Cold" program and for their food voucher program, which allows their participants to receive a $10 Metro grocery gift card. Within 5 years, they had raised nearly $15,000 in donations and today, they have $17,550 raised, which they use for their Church School programs.

Glenview Presbyterian Church Success Story

3. Pictou United Church

Pictou United Church has been raising funds to cover their general expenses, using mostly grocery and gas gift cards. Changing their payment method has been their easiest fundraiser. They were proud of having raised $21,875 and can be very proud today of having over $26,000 raised.

Pictou United Church Success Story

4. Aylmer Full Gospel Church

Aylmer Full Gospel Church has made their fundraiser successful by focusing on buying grocery gift cards on a regular basis. With over $20,000 raised, they've had a new church built and paid the mortgage. They now have over $23,000 raised.

Aylmer Full Gospel Church Success Story

5. St. John's Anglican Church

St. John's Anglican Church use their donations for many projects. Ordering gift cards regularly allowed them to supply grocery gift cards to families in their community who are struggling during the holidays. Less than a year ago, they had over $22,500 raised with FundScrip and today, they've raised nearly $26,000, which is impressive.

St. John's Anglican Church Success Story