5 Examples of Successful Fundraising Campaigns

Whether you’re starting your own fundraising campaign, or you’re supporting someone else’s, it’s always helpful to be inspired by others who have been successful. Here are five of our favourite gift card fundraising success stories.

Érablière High School

Raised: Over $74,000

Goal: Funding school trips

In just four and a half years the Érablière High School raised over $74,000 with their FundScrip gift card fundraising campaign.

The funds are raised in order to allow students to experience their first taste of international travel with a school group.

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North River Minor Hockey Association

Raised: Almost $60,000

Goal: Funding hockey fees and costs

Each year at registration, the new families are given information on how to participate and returning families receive a reduction on their registration based on what they have raised over the past 12 months. As one family said: "With 4 kids playing hockey, getting one registration covered is a big help in the fall when it seems like extra money is needed for everything".

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Timmins Marlins Swim Club

Raised: Over $48,000

Goal: Funding travel costs and head coach salary

Using FundScrip, the swim club has raised over $48,500 to minimize the cost of their expenses, such as their full-time paid head coach and their travel expenses.

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Grande-Rivière High School

Raised: Over $40,000

Goal: Funding school trips

In 5 years, the Grande-Rivière High School group raised almost $40,0000 for different school trips with the FundScrip program.

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Versant High School

Raised: Over $37,000

Goal: Funding school trips

In only four years, the Outdoors program from the Versant High School raised more than $37,000 with FundScrip to travel to the Grand Canyon.

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Still not inspired? Check out the rest of our fundraising success stories, or check out our video below: