5 Tips to Help Boost Your Campaign

Photo by Cathryn Lavery on Unsplash

Gift Card fundraising is a great way to amass funds for groups of all types, with wide-ranging objectives. However, there are best practices to adopt for optimized results. Administrators who adhere to certain behaviours see considerable outcomes time and again. Here are some tips to boost your efforts and guide you on the path of success.

Set Clear Goals

As with anything, a little planning goes a long way! To optimize your next round of fundraising, touch base with your core members, organize a meeting (in person or virtually), and brainstorm ideas. Define a timeline for your campaign activities, identify the key actors and their roles, and set clear goals. Once you have an outline with deliverables, confirm that everyone understands their responsibilities, and establish how/how often you’ll follow up to make sure things stays on track. A weekly or bi-monthly meeting or a round of emails may be exactly what you need to maintain momentum!

Focus on Individual Impact

To incite your supporters to help even more, focus on the impact your campaign has on individuals. As we’ve recently discussed, this can yield positive fundraising outcomes as humans naturally prefer to encourage identifiable subjects vs. large groups/statistics. As your campaign progresses, put the spotlight on your people. For example, you could share a weekly post on your social media platforms in which a member explains how the funds will support him/her directly. Use high-quality pictures with compelling text or short video capsules. This is also a great way for others to learn about your group operations more intimately. So have fun with it!

Engage With Supporters Consistently

The more you put yourself out there, the more you’ll amass funds. So be sure to reach out to the public as much as possible. Do so through multiple channels such as telephone, text, email, and social media, so you cast a wide net. If it’s right for your group, use FundScrip’s convenient Campaign Pages, which allows supporters to order their gift cards directly and effortlessly. No matter which medium you choose, be consistent and you’ll reap the benefits.

Celebrate Milestones

A great reason to engage with supporters is by celebrating key milestones and achievements. For instance, you could craft posts on social media when you reach 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of your campaign objectives. The closer you are to your fundraising goal, the more people are bound to donate. Psychologically, it’s motivating! Use that to your advantage and cross that finish line with dynamism!

Thank People

When people help, make a point of thanking them personally. Send them a quick message, give them a call, or better yet, recognize their contribution on social media. Not only will it make them feel valued, but it could also foster competitive spirit within supporters and convince others to mimic that behaviour. Win-win!

By streamlining your fundraising strategy, you’ll yield the most results with fewer efforts. Make this round of campaigning your most successful one yet by following these tips. Don’t have a group? Start one in a few simple steps; our coaches will be there to support you!