7 Things You Need to Know About the FundScrip Wallet

Here are 7 great features of the FundScrip Wallet that will help you manage all your gift cards.

1. Which Gift Cards are Available in the FundScrip Wallet?

All electronic gift cards and all reloadable gift cards are available in the FundScrip Wallet.

Only the plastic cards that have the Balance Check feature are available in the FundScrip Wallet. Look for the Balance Check icon when purchasing your cards.

2. How Long Does It Take for Gift Cards to Appear in the FundScrip Wallet?

It depends on how you paid for your gift card, and which type of card you purchased. In general, you’ll see the card in your FundScrip Wallet as soon as we’ve received payment and have processed your order.

3. Some Retailers Allow to Track Your Balance on Your Gift Cards

Some gift cards will have automatic and instant balance check in the Wallet. Look for the Balance Check icon when purchasing your cards.

For gift cards in the Wallet that don’t offer automatic balance check, you can manually mark the gift card as spent. Read on in the next section to find out how to mark a gift card as “Spent”.

4. Mark Gift Cards as Spent/Not Spent

Gift cards with automatic balance check are considered “Spent” once their balance is reduced to zero.

Gift cards who don’t have the automatic balance check can be manually marked as “Spent”. Simply click the “Mark as Spent” button. You can also update the balance of the card manually, so you don’t forget how much you have available for your next purchase.

Reloadable gift cards will not automatically be marked as “Spent” since you may want to reload them.

Once you’ve marked it as spent it will go into the “Unspent” category which is filtered out of the display by default. However you can always access all your cards by adjust the “Spent/Unspent” filter

5. Filter by Card Type

This one is pretty obvious, but you can filter the view of your Wallet by adjusting the card type filters.

6. Electronic Gift Card Redemption

Depending on the type of eGift Card you have purchased, you will be able to redeem it in different ways.

For eGift Cards that are redeemed in person at a store or in a restaurant, you can show the eGift Card redemption page to cashier or server – just make sure the barcode is visible! You can also print out the eGift Card in case you wanted to gift it to someone, or don’t have internet access.

For eGift Cards that are redeemed online (like Amazon), simply visit the card in your Wallet, and click the redemption link. The value of the card will be added to your account for that retailer (in their system). Don’t forget to manually mark this card as “Spent” once it has been redeemed so you don’t get confused later!

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7. Reloading Your Reloadable Gift Cards

In order to use Reloadable Gift Cards, you first need to purchase one which will be physically shipped to you in the mail.

Once you have your Reloadable Gift Card in hand, it will show up in your FundScrip Wallet.

To purchase a reload, you first must verify the card by entering in the card serial number, then you can place a reload order.

As soon as we’ve received your payment, we’ll process the reload within 30 minutes, and you’ll see the updated balance in your FundScrip Wallet.

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