Best Practices for Online Fundraising

FundScrip administrator fundraising on a laptop

Photo by RahulPandit on Pixabay

Technological advances are constantly influencing our behaviours. Many activities are taking place entirely online now and your FundScrip fundraiser is no exception. Here are some tips for a successful online fundraising campaign!

Take Advantage of Social Media

Using online social media to leverage your fundraising campaign can help you achieve your fundraising goals..

You can use social media to:

  • Create groups to discuss with supporters and publish important reminders.
  • Advertise your fundraising by sharing posts regularly.
  • Use instant messaging to quickly get in touch with your supporters.
  • Develop a sense of community.

Additional Online Communication Tools

We are more connected than ever thanks to the proliferation of online communication tools. Why not take advantage of these tools for your fundraising campaign and communicate with your supporters through multiple channels?


  • Creating an email newsletter to promote your FundScrip campaign.
  • Create a group for your fundraiser on popular instant messaging platforms.
  • Using videoconferencing to chat face-to-face with your fundraising supporters.
  • Creating a FundScrip Campaign Page that will sum up all the details of your campaign in one place.

Buy or Reload Gift Cards With the FundScrip Wallet

The FundScrip Wallet let’s supporters manage all their gift cards, including electronic and reloadable gift cards in just a few clicks.

Traditional Fundraising is Always a Good Option

Although many groups choose to manage their campaigns online, know that it is always possible to opt for the traditional method by meeting with the members of your group in person regularly.

Make sure to consult local sanitary measures in effect beforehand.

Other Best Practices

Try varying your tactics as much as possible and don’t be scared to try reaching your targeted audience in non-traditional ways. The more communication tools and channels you use, the more likely you are to succeed.

For more tips for successful fundraising, see our article regarding common fundraising mistakes and learn how to avoid them.

Have a great campaign!