Fundraising 101 - Capitalize on Back-to-School

Photo by Matt Ragland on Unsplash

Summer is zooming by quickly and it’s already time to plan back-to-school fundraising operations. As children return to class and resume extracurricular activities, it’s an excellent period to maximize your campaign by engaging with members and supporters. Since tons of items available through many retailers are required at this time, zone in and raise funds for your group, for commodities that will be purchased anyway.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Now’s the time to get strategic! The opportunity to boost your campaign exists, so take advantage of it. If you run your group with a team, touch base with your leaders and set the wheels in motion. Turn intention into action by identifying who does what and go! Planning doesn’t have to be complicated yet can really propel a successful campaign burst.

Reach Out to Supporters

Once you have a clear plan, start engaging with your supporters. Many groups have been dormant for quite some time because of the pandemic, and back-to-school can be an excellent way to resurface. Talk about your specific objectives and show people how purchasing items they need can favour your fundraiser. Use all forms of communications such as social media, email, SMS, and telephone calls—the more you spread information across multiple channels, the more you’ll see results. To truly harmonize your messaging and streamline the ordering process, take advantage of FundScrip’s convenient Campaign Page option (if this is right for your group).


Consistency is key! As a group administrator, send reminders to members and supporters regularly. People often want to help, but life is oh-so busy. Sometimes, a gentle nudge is all that’s required. If you coordinate large orders for your group, don’t hesitate to ask around more than once. It’s for a good cause, after all!

Take advantage of this dynamic time to maximize your campaign efforts. If you don’t yet have a group, it’s as simple as ABC! Sign up for free today!