Coordinate a Final Group Order for The Holidays

The hustle and bustle of the holidays is in full steam. People have lots to plan and most like to prepare ahead of time to avoid a last-minute rush. If you coordinate group orders, now is the perfect moment to get a final one in. Here’s how to organize yourself optimally!

Week 1: Launch the Campaign and Distribute Order Forms

Formally announcing that you’re having a holiday-specific campaign can really drive results at this time of year. At your next group meeting or via other communication channels (email, social media, telephone/text), set clear objectives with start and end dates. In doing so, you’ll focus your efforts and energize people into supporting your cause. Take this opportunity to distribute order forms (in person or electronically) so that people have the tools they need. Give an overview of the upcoming weeks with key milestones and go!

Weeks 2 and 3: Tally Things Up and Place Group Order

During this time, have ongoing communications with your members and supporters. Advertise your campaign, give people fun ideas of gift cards they can use for various types of occasions (ex., top 10 retailers this holiday season), and be consistent. Utilize the power of email and social media to provide others with updates, such as how close you are to your goal. As the orders come in, tally them up to have a good sense of where you stand. You can also use FundScrip’s monthly promotions to maximize your efforts. Pull all the tricks up your sleeves at this stage—it’ll be worth it! Once you’ve reconciled everything, send your order in!

Week 4: Receive Order and Distribute Gift Cards

Once you’ve placed your order, you’ll rapidly receive it. You can then distribute the gift cards ahead of the holidays, and everyone will be pleased. As you hand them out, thank people for their contribution to your campaign and reiterate the fact that gift cards can be purchased at all times, not just during the merry season! Giving examples such as gas, groceries and routine errands can plant a seed in the minds of others and they’ll remember to reach out in the new year.

And just like that, you’ll boost your fundraiser! Talk to your core group members and get this going soon. If you’re new to FundScrip, it’s the perfect time to start. Contact us today!