Thursday, August 22, 2019

Healthy Fundraising: More Than a Choice, a Way of Life

More and more provinces are promoting healthy fundraising, like the Ontario government, who are encouraging consuming local products and healthy eating. Yet, we all remember the schoolchildren knocking on our door, hoping that we would buy one, two or all of the chocolate bars from the box, this approach is now losing ground to healthy and local choices.

Healthy eating: there is still a long way to go

Until recently, news coverage highlighted the significant shortcomings of the menus offered in the cafeterias and schools’ fundraising in many provinces. However, although the government has difficulties with implementing health initiatives, Canada's latest food guide promotes simple solutions to improve our eating habits.

Why choose healthy fundraising activities?

For children and adults alike, our optimal functioning of our brain and body is based on eating well. That's why many healthy fundraising ideas are emerging across Canada. The best? Fruits and vegetables baskets, spices, cheeses, but also recipe books, bulbs to plant and reusable bags!

Healthy fundraisers have gone beyond the simple concept of eating healthy. Supporting local economies and acting in an eco-responsible way allows children to learn about delicious products, close to home, and to make them aware of their environment. Adults are learning new habits while learning about the agri-food sector.

FundScrip: respecting the standards and your values

FundScrip's gift card fundraising program is part of this same commitment to partnership, discovery and learning. Metro, IGA, M&M Food Market … Among its 260 participating retailers across Canada, you will find green and healthy initiatives that will support you in your efforts and healthy choices. Some experts have even recommended FundScrip as a healthy school fundraising alternative!