Thursday, September 05, 2019

How Facebook Can Help You With Your Fundraising Campaign

Nowadays, most people have an account on the most popular social media platform, Facebook. Even though it's amusing to like and share cat videos, Facebook also has an amazing potential for businesses and organizations, by helping them to reach out to their actual clients, fans, or supporters, and potential ones as well. It’s also true that this social network can be an excellent channel to promote your group’s activities, such as your fundraising campaigns. Here are 4 ways to use Facebook to help you with your fundraising campaign.

1. Create a Facebook Page

First, if it’s not already done, you can start by creating a Facebook page for your group or association. You only have to fill a few fields, and in a couple of minutes, your page will be created. You can then easily upload your logo, general information about your group, and add content to share with your current and prospective supporters, to let them know about your events, and your campaigns. No need to be an internet pro to create a Facebook page, it’s easy!

2. Create a Facebook Group

Now that your group has its own Facebook page, you also have the option of creating a Facebook group. You can either configure the group to be in public mode, so anybody can join, or you choose to keep it private, where you can choose whether to accept new members or not.

Only the members of the group will be able to see the content that is published there. It’s therefore easy to post a message to let your members know that the campaign is still running, inform them about your group’s fundraising progress, share promotions, or even let them know when it’s time to order their gift cards.

3. Create Your Public Campaign Page

With FundScrip, groups can now create a public campaign page to promote their campaign. This page serves as a central location for you to explain why your group’s campaign is so important, and it allows you to update your supporters on your progress. It also allows you to easily share your group’s campaign on any social media platform (like Facebook) or by email.

4. Advertising on Facebook

When you post a publication on your organization's Facebook page, you’ll have the option of turning it into a targeted advertisement. But before you jump into paying for Facebook ads, you should learn a little about how it works because you only want to reach potential supporters for your project. You can do that by using Facebook’s targeting capabilities to target, for example, by interests or location. Also, keep in mind that you’ll have to invest a little in your ad budget, so it’s important to know how to target the audience, or else your investment could not be very profitable.

If Facebook ads aren’t your thing, you can always reach out to your supporters for free by sharing your page's or group's posts, or you FundScrip campaign page, directly on your own Facebook profile or in other relevant Facebook groups, not to mention you can also share those links by email.

Whatever type of fundraising group you’re part of, it’s super easy to create a Facebook page or group to reach out to your supporters.

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