Thursday, March 19, 2020

How to Convince Your Group to Use FundScrip

So you’ve found FundScrip and you’re convinced it’s a great fundraising program for your organization, but how do you convince the rest of your group that FundScrip is the best fundraising option?

If you’re a teacher in a school, you’ll need to convince the principal or teacher. If you’re a parent of a student at a school, you’ll need to convince your home and school association. Or, if you’re part of a non-profit organization, you’ll probably have to convince a committee or a board of directors.

Here are a few arguments to help you convince the relevant stakeholders for your type of group, and show them how FundScrip is the best fundraising program to use:

1. FundScrip Is an Ongoing Fundraiser

Although FundScrip works amazingly during the holidays, your group should be in it for the long haul because FundScrip works best when used as an ongoing fundraising program. FundScrip’s effectiveness is due to the fact that gift cards can pay for all of your regular daily expenses and the occasional costs as well.

2. FundScrip Can Easily Be Combined With Other Types of Fundraising Efforts

A common objection is that your organization may already perform fundraising efforts in one way or another. With FundScrip, you don’t need to abandon your other fundraising efforts, since FundScrip works well in combination with other fundraisers as we talked about in a previous article.

3. FundScrip Is Easy to Use but Requires Dedication From Participants

Make sure to set expectations about how FundScrip fundraising works. It's a novel concept, and easy to manage, but you need to have dedicated participants who purchase gift cards regularly.

When starting out, get a minimum of people to commit to paying for their regular expenses on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and your funds will be raised with very minimal efforts!

4. Have the Group Watch Our Videos

You can present the videos FundScrip makes available to your group to explain clearly and easily how it works.

5. Get Our Free Information Kit and the Advice of a FundScrip Specialist

The free information kit contains all the logistical details you’ll want to arm yourself with to be able to answer questions from your group.

Since every group is different, the absolute best way to convince your group is by getting the advice from one of our experienced FundScrip coaches.

Once you have completed the form, someone from FundScrip will contact you to answer any questions that you could have regarding your specific type of group and help you plan your fundraising program for maximum success

Happy fundraising!