How to Effectively Use a Campaign Page

Campain Page on a Mobile

With holiday campaigning ramping up full force, now’s the time to employ every tool in your fundraising box. Once you’ve laid out the foundations for this season’s activities, tackle each task effectively to yield the best outcomes. If your supporters order gift cards themselves, use FundScrip’s convenient Campaign Page option to streamline the process. Not sure how? Follow these guidelines!

Set Up Your Page

In a few easy steps, you can create your own page with a unique campaign link. It’s a great way to get your group known, guide supporters directly to your fundraiser, streamline the process and automate ordering (for those who want this).

Post Regular Updates

Regularly tell your supporters how close you are to the finish line, inciting them to help! Goal proximity motivates people! For instance, you could say, “Donate today and help us amass the last XX$ required to reach our objective!”

Share Your Unique Link Consistently

As an administrator, share your Campaign Page consistently. It sets a great example for your group and legitimizes your fundraiser. You could do so every time you post an update, thus keeping the content fresh and exciting. Instead of simply sharing a link with no context, give your supporters a short explanation of what is happening and how close you are to your goal.

Use Multiple Communication Channels

Once your Campaign Page is set up, inform your group members, and teach them to share your unique link via social media, email, and text. There’s always strength in numbers, so the more your teams are active and engaged, the more you’ll see results. If you send out a newsletter, remember to include your link directly in the correspondence!

Utilize this feature steadily in the weeks to come to boost your fundraising efforts. If you’re new to campaigning and don’t yet have a group, wait no longer! Getting started is free, simple, and oh-so worth it!