Thursday, September 12, 2019

How to Take Advantage of Back to School to Promote Your Campaign

It’s already back to school time! Why not taking advantage of the time of year to promote your fundraising campaign to your current and potential supporters?

The back to school season is a key moment to get in touch with your professional or school social circles, and inform them about your projects and about how you plan to raise funds for to finance your planned activities. Due to the time of year, people are already in the mode of thinking about which extracurricular or sporting activities they could register for. It’s therefore the ideal time to suggest that they participate in your extracurricular activities and let them know that you have a solid plan to raise funds for it, with the help of FundScrip gift card fundraising!

Take advantage of these little moments of banter filled with motivation and energy at the beginning of the school year to interest them in your plans and show them how easy it will be to fundraise for these activities. Prepare a simple pitch that encompasses your mission, your activities, your values, and your means of fundraising. It has to be quite short and concise, like the description of your group on your FundScrip public campaign page, so that the information you give them will be remembered despite the chaotic effervescence of this busy time of year. When you’re prepared and brimming with confidence, this will be felt by the people around you, and they may take a closer look at your propositions.

Also, do not hesitate to collect their contact information so you can reach them easily after they’ve shown interest in your group or association, and send them the necessary information. In addition, you can invite them to like your Facebook page or join your Facebook group (see: How Facebook Can Help You Promote Your Campaign).

The back to school season is also the perfect time to present your fundraising campaign to school committees or association meetings to get your campaign approved. Download the FundScrip Program Overview which includes all the information you’ll need to help you present your campaign to different committees, so you can easily explain what a FundScrip fundraising campaign is.

To sum up, during the back to school season it’s critical to strike while the iron’s hot and make yourself and your group known in order to take advantage of the atmosphere of rejuvenation to attract new members to your campaign!