Is Gift Card Fundraising Right for Your Group?

Photo by Anna Earl on Unsplash

The answer is most likely YES! Throughout the years, FundScrip users of all types have had fantastic results, no matter their composition. Sports teams, schools, religious institutions, academies; the list goes on and on. Gift cards are extremely versatile, making them the perfect fundraising tool. Either as the sole source of funds or combined with other initiatives, they are a top choice for administrators. They generate a solid return all while being simple to oversee. Here are some of the main reasons why they work so well!

Everyone Loves Gift Cards

Whether for day-to-day consumption or to offer as presents, gift cards are popular among Canadians. They’re time efficient, convenient for users and come in variable denominations, making them suitable for every occasion. Also, people can wait for the perfect moment to redeem them, leveraging sales to get more value for their money. They can be slipped in a greeting card, be paired with other gift cards in a fun bundle or be part of a themed gift basket with assorted items. It’s no surprise that over 77% of Canadians believe gift cards can be a thoughtful present! What’s more, their versatile formats offer contactless options, which has become a necessity this past year. What’s not to love!

Supporters Spend Those Funds Regardless

As a fundraising tool, they’re perfect. They can be used in literally every aspect of people’s lives, from buying gas and groceries, to dining and entertainment, to big home and garden projects. Groups simply need to encourage their supporters to acquire gift cards to offset those regular daily expenses. There are no additional costs for the purchaser, and the campaign benefits directly. A great model!

Fundraising Can Be Done Online or in Person

Whether groups want to fundraise remotely or when they physically meet, gift cards offer convenient choices. Some favour a more traditional approach in which they collect money from members and supporters, then place large group orders. Others take advantage of FundScrip’s useful online tools such a Campaign Pages and let supporters order directly. No matter the group’s preference, the options exist. Great!

Campaigns Can Be Ongoing

Group administrators love the continuation of gift card campaigns. Instead of constantly having to think of new fundraiser ideas, they can establish a healthy foundation, educate their members and supporters to use gift cards in their day-to-day, and ride that train for as long as they want! If the initiative is consistently promoted and people are reminded regularly about it, it can become a well-oiled machine that stands the test of time!

Experience the benefits of gift card fundraising now! In a few steps, start a group if you haven’t yet and quickly see positive outcomes.