Thursday, August 15, 2019

Soccer fundraising: focus on the collective and the human

The Women's Soccer World Cup just ended a few weeks ago. So many emotions, memories... and projects! With your feet in the sand and your head at rest, what better way to turn your ideas for your own soccer club into reality than during the summer months? Whether it’s for the purchase of equipment, registration for a tournament or a team building activity, there are no shortage of ideas! But what about the financial aspect?

Traditional fundraising campaigns: a lot of energy for what result?

In Canada, nearly 850,000 members are registered in soccer clubs. In Quebec alone, there are more than 250 clubs and nearly 200,000 players. A sport whose popularity continues to grow!

In the face of such enthusiasm, fundraising campaigns are an easy way to raise funds to meet the needs of all members, and the realities of all club administrators. Easy, you say? Not necessarily.

There are more and more fundraising ideas, but the budget of the supporters is not increasing! At the same time, these more traditional fundraising campaigns often require burdensome planning, and less flexible fundraising options.

The strategy for administrators? Seek a simple, quick and more cost-effective solution.

A simplified fundraising tactic for a better game

Soccer clubs, and sports clubs in general, are turning to FundScrip and its gift card fundraising program more and more. The concept is simple: you buy gift cards through FundScrip and use them to pay for your regular purchases. A percentage of the amount of cards purchased will then be given to your club. Multiply by all the family members and friends who want to help you, and you will see that team spirit can move mountains!

FundScrip integrates very well into your daily life to easily and quickly raise a good amount of money. Last but not least, no one has to buy anything that he or she does not need. Simple, fast and more effective: that's it, that's all!

Soccer Clubs and FundScrip: A Shared Vision

Soccer is above all a sport of sharing that appeals to young and old alike. Gathering around a field and kicking a balloon is an inexhaustible (and exhausting, in a good way) source of pleasure. It’s in this spirit that FundScrip operates: a collective fundraising approach, without the hassles!

Several clubs have already taken advantage of this program, such as Camille-Lavoie High School's soccer option, which raised $13,674 to plunge into the world of European soccer for a week in Barcelona, Spain.

A bulletproof fundraising solution to quickly make all your projects a reality? Summer will be beautiful and productive!