Strike While the Iron is Hot!

With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the Holidays around the corner, there’s no better period to fundraise with gifts cards. It’s a time of year when people shop and get ready for the merry season, so all groups, no matter their campaign type, should zone in on that. Of course, there are ways to maximize your efforts—let’s explore a few of them!

Get Your Members Excited

Piggybacking on the frenzy of the holidays is a great strategy when fundraising. People are in a mood to connect, to shop and to support causes. Gather your group, hype them up, and get them onboard to leading the most tremendous campaign you’ve run so far. Give them a pep talk to boost their spirits and kickstart this season’s activities with a bang!

Use Promotions to Your Advantage

FundScrip’s monthly promotions are great to get things moving! Not only do people save money, but it gives you a reason to touch base with members with new and exciting information. From sharing on social media or a newsletter to coordinating group orders, use our tips to maximize this approach and yield phenomenal results.

Place Multiple Orders

Planning several blitzes can also drive your fundraiser. Having order cutoffs creates a sense of urgency, which encourages people to support your cause in the immediate. As we know, people are often busy and although they want to help, the add it to their long to-do list then forget. If you keep things punctual with shorter deadlines, others are bound to take action!

Promote Your Campaign Regularly

Share, connect, promote. The more your fundraiser is at the forefront of people’s minds, the more they’ll support your campaign consistently. Use gatherings to talk about your initiative, post regular content on social media, send out emails/newsletters and even call your contacts! People are extra chatty during the merry season, so make the most of it!

Educate Your Supporters

Gift cards are extremely versatile—so make sure your people understand how widely they can be used. Of course, Christmas and Hanukkah presents will be purchased in the upcoming weeks and gift cards are perfect. But think bigger. Food for elaborate meals, gas to visit family and friends, decorations for the household, the list of items that are typically amassed this season is extensive. The more your members and supporters remember to acquire gift cards from you to buy all these things, the more successful your fundraiser will be.

Take advantage of this dynamic moment to propel your campaign. If you organize yourself properly over the next several weeks, you’ll reap some serious benefits. If you don’t yet have an account, set one up today! It’s literally the best time of year to do so.