Success Story Update: Superior Children's Centre

Back in October 2017, we shared with you the success story of Superior Children's Centre, a nonprofit child care organization that had raised $7,400. Today, we are excited to give you an update on their campaign - they've raised a total of $11,550.81! The group had the great idea to get a local company to help raise funds. According to Wawa-News, they have Wesdome Gold Mines to thank for their amazing support:

In December of 2015, Don Connelly, Safety Superintendent of Wesdome Gold Mines was approached by staff at Superior Children’s Centre with regards to a fundraising initiative called FundScrip. “FundScrip is an established, Canada-wide fundraising program in which supporters pay for their shopping (groceries, gas, home and garden, entertainment, restaurants, and much more) with gift cards. Each purchase automatically includes a donation to your cause.”
Since January 2016, Wesdome Gold Mines has purchased gift cards through Superior Children’s Centre as part of their Health & Safety program. It is a reward given quarterly for working safely and having no medical aids. In the 2.5 years of support, Wesdome has donated a total of $9116.50 to Superior Children’s Centre through this fundraising partnership. These funds have helped our licensed child care programs as well as our EarlyON programs in Wawa, White River, Dubreuilville and Hornepayne.
Wesdome has also provided support with a monetary grant toward a new wooden fence at 41 Algoma and has supported many of the community events that Superior Children’s Centre provides, such as Community Christmas, Safe Kids Day and the BackPack Program.