Use Environmentally Friendly Electronic & Reloadable Gift Cards

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We often get requests for ways to reduce gift card waste. Environmental issues are important to us all at FundScrip. That’s why we are very happy to publish this article that will help you achieve your fundraising goals while showing you how to avoid creating waste.

The key to being eco-friendly with FundScrip is by using the two types of gift cards that cut down on waste in a big way.

Electronic Gift Cards

FundScrip has more than 70 retailers that offer Electronic Gift Cards . These cards are completely digital, so there’s no piece of plastic that is manufactured and then thrown in the garbage. So that gives you plenty of options to chose from!

You also get faster deliveries with Electronic Gift Cards, sometimes as fast as within 15 minutes of purchase. That’s speedy!

You can view your Electronic Gift Cards and their balance in the FundScrip Wallet - very convenient!

Reloadable Gift Cards

FundScrip has more than 25 Reloadable Gift Cards. Although you need to purchase and receive an initial plastic reloadable card, once you have it you can reload it as many times as you like. Some FundScrip users have been using their same reloadable cards for years!

You can easily reload the card via the FundScrip Wallet.

Reloads occur digitally, so these also cut down on delivery time – you can get your reload within as little as 15 minutes.

Just make sure that when you pay with your reloadable card, the cashier doesn’t try to take your card!

If you want to learn more about how to use Electronic and Reloadable Gift Cards in the FundScrip Wallet, you can read our previous article that guides you through the few simple steps.