Direct Shipping

The Direct Shipping feature allows you to have your FundScrip orders shipped directly to any Canadian address of your choice.

  • Supporters do not need to live near the group's distribution point
  • Your friends, family, and neighbours can contribute to your cause wherever they live in Canada
  • Buy your gifts through FundScrip and send them directly to the recipient
  • Send gift cards directly to your kids who are away at school to keep them on budget and raise for your cause

Direct Shipping F.A.Q.

  • Who can use Direct Shipping?
  • All registered FundScrip Supporters can use the Direct Shipping feature.
  • Who pays for shipping?
  • FundScrip Supporters pay for their own shipping. It is added to their total at the time of purchase. There are no donations reductions for shipping: all donations are contributed to your group.
  • How much does Direct Shipping cost?
  • Canada Post Lettermail™
  •     Cost is $0.92 (plus taxes)
  •     Available only on orders with four (4) or fewer cards
  •     Collective value of order cannot not exceed $500
  • Canada Post Xpresspost™ without signature
  •     Typically costs anywhere from $4.50 to $11.00 (applicable taxes included)
  • Canada Post Xpresspost™ with signature
  •     Typically costs anywhere from $6.00 to $12.50 (applicable taxes included)
  • Do Direct Shipping orders get processed on my group’s schedule?
  • No. They are processed immediately after payment is received. In most cases Direct Shipping orders will be processed on the same or next day from the date the order is placed.
  • My group uses paper order forms, can we still benefit from Direct Shipping?
  • Yes. You simply encourage supporters to sign up with FundScrip using our Launch FundScrip tool and/or by providing potential Supporters with your group’s invitation code. Once signed up, your supporters place their own orders on their own time, at their leisure. They will raise for your group’s cause, but you do not need to receive and distribute their orders, and there are no deductions to your group’s donations for shipping fees.
  • If our group has no future FundScrip order dates, can supporters take advantage of Direct Shipping?
  • Yes. This is a great strategy for FundScrip Groups that usually hibernate in the Summer because there is no one around to receive and distribute orders and/or the delivery point is close (such as a school in the Summer), or groups that have one-time or sporadic order dates throughout the year because any registered supporters can continue to place orders and simply receive them at home – all the while, your group is racking up donations.
  • How do I know when one of my supporters has placed a Direct Shipping order?
  • Visit the Direct Shipping History page in the Program Manager site to view Direct Shipping orders placed by supporters.
  • Will I receive Shipping Tracking emails for Direct Shipping orders?
  • Supporters who choose Canada Post Xpresspost™ (with and without signature) will receive a tracking email sent directly to them. Supporters who choose Canada Post Lettermail™, will not receive a tracking email.
  • Can my supporters make their Direct Shipping orders Recurring Orders?
  • Yes, please visit the recurring orders page for instructions on how to set up a recurring order.
  • Who handles customer service issues for Direct Shipping orders?
  • Please contact us and we'll be happy to help.
  • What happens if the recipient isn't present to take delivery of orders shipped via the Canada Post Xpresspost™ shipping methods?
  • Canada Post Xpresspost™ policy is that they will make one delivery attempt; and then, if the recipient is not there, Canada Post will leave the order at the closest post office, where the recipient can pick it up at their leisure. However, recipients must provide photo ID confirming that they are the recipient for the order to be released to them.

How Long to Receive a Lettermail™ Order?

Below are delivery estimates for orders delivered to major metropolitan areas, based on information provided to us by Canada Post. Please note that in addition to inclement weather and other service interruptions, your chosen payment method and delivery address will affect the delivery timeline for your order.

Order Day (before 9:30AM ET)


Pay by EFT (Free) or VISA/MasterCard, and receive your order in:


Pay by Online Bill Payment Service (Free), and receive your order in:


5 days (Friday)

10 days (the following Wednesday)


7 days (Monday)

9 days (the following Thursday)


7 days (Tuesday)

9 days (the following Friday)


7 days (Wednesday)

9 days (the following Monday)


7 days (Thursday)

10 days (the following Monday)

Please note, if the order is not being delivered to a major metropolitan area, delivery times may increase by 1 to 8 business days.