5 Ways to Make Your Fundraiser More Eco-Friendly

Earth in the shape of a heart among the clouds

April the 22nd is Earth Day. In the pursuit of making the world a better place through fundraising initiatives, why not adopt eco-friendly fundraising practices to do so? It's a good idea to consider fundraising options that not only address the needs of various causes but also do so in a manner that doesn't compromise the well-being of our planet. This article will explore some of FundScrip’s eco-friendly alternatives, harmonizing the intention to do good with environmentally conscious practices.

FundScrip’s Solution

FundScrip offers an innovative solution that mitigates some of the environmental concerns associated with fundraising. FundScrip is a fundraising platform that leverages the power of gift cards to help organizations easily raise funds for their cause. Participants can purchase physical or electronic gift cards for everyday expenses, such as groceries, gas, or shopping, and a percentage of the purchase value goes to the fundraising cause. This means that participants do not have to make additional purchases or travel.

  1. Take Advantage of Digital Resources
    FundScrip’s online campaign pages can be shared via email or promoted on social media, minimizing the need for physical campaign materials.

  2. Opt for Electronic and Reloadable Gift Cards
    The FundScrip Wallet further enhances the eco-friendly aspect, allowing participants to conveniently manage their eGift cards. Additionally, campaign supporters who prefer physical cards can use the FundScrip Wallet to replenish their reloadable gift cards without creating waste.

  3. Repurpose Used Gift Cards
    Beyond their initial use, gift cards can find new life through creative repurposing. Consider transforming used gift cards into guitar picks using a Guitar Pick Punch. Additionally, you can turn old gift cards into personalized luggage tags.

  4. Recycle Used Gift Cards Where Accepted
    Some organizations have begun recycling gift cards. For example, individuals in the Niagara region can recycle used gift cards at a CAA location. Check with your local listings to see if one is available in your area.

  5. Opt for Eco-Friendly Gift Cards
    When selecting gift cards for fundraising, consider options from companies that prioritize eco-friendly solutions, materials, or production processes:

By embracing digital resources, reducing paper waste, and using electronic gift cards, organizations can use the FundScrip platform to maximize the positive impact of gift card fundraising.