Thursday, February 13, 2020

5 Ways to Thank Your Fundraising Supporters

We've often talked about how to invite your supporters to help you during your FundScrip fundraising, but thanking them for their efforts after they've decided to participate is just as important. So here are a five ways to properly say thank you to your supporters so they feel appreciated and important to your group.

1. Send Them a Personal Note

People really do appreciate receiving a personal letter or a personalized note. An email is good, but a handwritten note is even better. The thanking effort will be more impactful and your supporters will appreciate that you really took time to write to them personally.

2. Thank Them on Social Media

It's human nature to want to be recognized in front of your peers. Why not do it on your social media?

Give recognition to your supporters, but make sure it's not too personal; social media websites are public platforms after all. Save the more personalized words for a personal letter, and use Facebook or Instagram to highlight their efforts and success more generally to show everyone that they have worked hard and that they deserve their contribution to be recognized by all.

This can also be a good opportunity to suggest to your members and to the people who follow your activities to follow you on these platforms. You have a presence on social media, right?

3. Know Your Audience

Each participating supporter is unique, so make sure that your thanks are specifically tailored to the person you are contacting. Write each letter in a personalized way by including details that relate to each individual supporter's circumstances.

4. Tell Your Story

A thank you letter for your supporters is a great opportunity to tell the story about the progress of your fundraising campaign. Take the opportunity to include details of the objectives that you've achieved so far, and tell them what you have to do to reach the next level. Also explain to them how the funds raised so far will be used.

5. Preview Any Upcoming Events

Since you're fundraising with FundScrip, you're probably using the program in an ongoing manner. Use your thank you message as an opportunity to tell your supporters about any upcoming events, such as upcoming order dates for example.

Also, inform your supporters about any special occasion that may be coming up, like Valentine's Day or Easter. These holidays are good opportunities to place larger orders and to put a special emphasis on fundraising.

In conclusion, make sure that you recognize the efforts of all of your supporters during your fundraising campaign, and make them feel that their contribution makes all the difference and that without them you would not be as successful. You'll see, they will return the love and appreciation to you!