Thursday, September 24, 2020

FundScrip The Contactless Fundraiser

Compared to other fundraising methods, that often involve selling products door-to-door and face-to-face, FundScrip, a contactless fundraising program, is proving to be a great choice for fundraisers given the current situation! We’ve heard from you in our survey that many of you are planning on using FundScrip more now because other fundraisers are not contactless. Whether it’s because of the door-to-door distribution or the collection of payments, often in cash, we quickly see that person-to-person contacts are numerous.

We were also impressed to see, based on your survey responses, how many of you have adapted your fundraising efforts to the events of the past few months!

Direct Shipping

It’s without a doubt that at this time it’s important to limit physical contact. So having your FundScrip gift cards directly shipped to your home makes a lot more sense than bulk delivery. FundScrip facilitates the distribution of your gift cards so that you and your group don’t have to handle that themselves in person.

In addition, during these events and until further notice, all FundScrip orders using Direct Shipping via Lettermail™ will receive Free Shipping. Find out how to qualify for Free Shipping.

If you’re going to use Direct Shipping, make sure everyone is on board – half hearted efforts are not going to work as well.

Recurring Orders

Make sure that your supporters order a certain amount each month using a recurring order to ensure your fundraiser is successful. It's very easy, especially for everyday expenses like groceries or gas. We wrote an article to help you identify your ongoing expenses. Once identified, it will be easy to know which gift cards to order on a regular basis.

You can then place a recurring order, and your gift cards will be ordered automatically every week. You can also reload your gift cards on a regular basis in the FundScrip Wallet. It will make your life easier!

Electronic and Reloadable Gift Cards

As we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, FundScrip offers you many electronic and reloadable gift cards that can be used in a contactless manner. Like gift cards sent via Direct Shipping, electronic gift cards and reloads are delivered digitally straight to the supporter, skipping the group distribution step. We invite you to view our catalogue of electronic and reloadable gift cards.

Using Gift Cards Online

Whether you purchased plastic, electronic, or reloadable cards, some of them can be used on the retailer's website. This e-commerce experience, where your products will be shipped directly to you, eliminates any risk of in-store exposure. In fact, many retailers now allow gift cards as an online payment method. Check out our article on how to redeem gift cards online.

Thanks to FundScrip, you can easily raise funds, without having to increase the number of contacts and the risk of contamination. If the sanitary crisis has taught us anything, it’s the power of gift cards and online shopping!