FundScrip Sees Increase in Contactless Fundraisers


FundScrip has been working with fundraising groups to make sure they are able to continue raising funds in a contactless manner. Over the holidays, we told you about some groups that were switching to FundScrip because of our contactless features. Now that we’re in the new year and we can look back at 2020, we saw that many FundScrip groups were taking advantage of the contactless capabilities.

A big increase in contactless ordering

Specifically, in 2020, according to internal data, FundScrip saw a 95.35% increase in contactless ordering as compared to 2019. The situation on the ground is primarily driving these behavioural changes, but the easy transition is in part thanks to all the ways that groups can order with FundScrip.

Using gift Cards online

One big advantage with gift cards is that these days you can use them online to order whatever you need. Talk about a contactless way to continue providing for you and your family! You don’t have to go into any stores, therefore reducing your contacts with strangers to zero. It is also very convenient to not have to use cash. Plus it’s also easy to redeem gift cards online , as we showed in a previous article.

Electronic and Reloadable Gift Cards

FundScrip offers plenty of retailers with electronic gift cards, and several are reloadable. Which is great for the environment, along with buying your everyday needs in a contactless way. You can see in our catalogue which retailers offer eGift Cards and Reloadable Gift Cards.

Direct Shipping

Having your FundScrip Gift Cards delivered directly at home will make it easy to get them in a contactless way. Your supporters will be able to do the same as well. You can even get free shipping on orders using direct shipping via Lettermail. Find out here if you are eligible for free shipping.

Contactless features that help you raise funds easily

We hope that learning about our contactless features will help you in your fundraising campaigns during these times!