Start Preparing Now for the Holidays

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

The holidays may be a few months away, but now’s the time to plan your fundraising strategy. FundScrip data unequivocally demonstrates that groups amass the most funds during this period, so it’s crucial to capitalize on that. Here are some best practices to guide through this exciting time!

Host a Kick-Off Meeting

With back-to-school underway and the return to routines for most, groups can start planning! Touch base with your core members, schedule a meeting (virtual or in person), and set the stage for holiday fundraising. By taking charge as an administrator and uniting everyone through a common goal, you’ll get buy-in and see the best results this season.

Develop Action Items

Whether you’ve been fundraising with gift cards for a while or are just starting out, take advantage of this meeting to brief people on best practices. Because each group is unique, talk about FundScrip’s convenient options (such as Campaign Pages) and brainstorm on what will yield optimal results. If the objectives are well defined, it’ll be easier to attain them. Once you have a game plan, attribute roles so it’s clear for everyone.

Craft a Calendar

Once you’ve specified who does what, develop a calendar with key milestones. This could include the date on which your holiday campaign will begin, how often you’ll reach out to supporters, on which days you’ll post on social media and send emails, etc. Having a simple yet defined schedule will make sure you stay on track as you progress.

Run Your Campaign

Once your structure is established, it’s time to launch! Take advantage of fundraising psychology concepts, use multiple channels of communications (telephone, text, email, and social media) and be consistent. When crafting messaging, keep it short, concise and support it with high-quality visuals. By refining your process, you’ll amass more funds with fewer efforts.

Capitalize on Monthly Promotions

To create additional hype, share FundScrip monthly promotions with your members and supporters. This alone gives you a great reason to touch base with people, and also gets them excited to help. After all, everyone loves a good deal!

Check-In Regularly

Don’t forget to circle back to your calendar of milestones to track your progress, and to see if anything could be optimized along the way. Also, give regular updates to your members and supporters. The closer you are to your objective, the likelier people will help. If you have ordering deadlines, remind others about them. Constant engagement will inevitably lead to more orders!

Well-executed campaigns yield the best results, especially at this time of year. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact your FundScrip representative. If you don’t have an account yet, get started today. Now’s the perfect opportunity!