Long Term Fundraising Campaigns: Why They Work

Hourglass with time passing.

Photo by sunbeamphoto on Pixabay

Although they are particularly popular during the holiday season, FundScrip’s gift cards are also popular at various times throughout the year. Considering their wide variety, it’s easy to use them frequently. Who doesn't need to buy groceries, new office equipment or new clothes? When you think about it, you realize that you don't have to wait for the holidays to offer gift cards. We have needs all year long.

What’s more, we must consider that if we want to achieve an important financial goal, it is not enough to wait for the holidays to offer gift cards. You must think about the needs that are recurring. By encouraging the purchase of gift cards for more frequent needs, we increase our chances of reaching our financial goal. To do this, you can keep an eye on our monthly promotions or plan by making a budget.

What are your current expenses? Do you have a project planned to renovate your bathroom, to go on a trip or to invest somewhere? By asking yourself these questions, you can better determine which gift cards best suit your needs. Also, think of your loved ones or whoever may have the success of your fundraiser at heart! What projects are they planning soon? Are there any expenses they frequently incur? If so, you can encourage them to use gift cards for everyday expenses. Suggest that they schedule recurring orders. You can also combine your fundraising efforts with important events that many people care about. For example, in 2018, the Sainte-Croix/Heriot Foundation managed to raise nearly $20,000 with FundScrip for Les Grands défis de la vie. Their challenge was to climb four mountains on four continents. The funds raised have contributed to improving the care given in hospitals. The Royal City Cooperative Preschool raised $5,172 to help it shine. To help oversee its many events, Listowel Christian School managed to raise $14,000. FundScrip gift card users are unanimous: it's simple and wins for everyone!

Happy long term fundraising!